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Klein House

About Klein House

Today known as the Kline House, but also known as the Henry Stark Howland House, was built approximately 1858 at 8 Nashville Road in Kleinburg.
This house is named for its association with well-known Kleinburg citizens John Nicholas Kline and Henry Stark Howland. In the early 1840s, John Kline began assembling large lots in the area of present Kleinburg. Henry Stark Howland immigrated with his parents to the area in 1838 and built this dwelling soon after purchasing the property. Howland was the first resident of the house, was Kleinburgs first postmaster and a well-known civic official.
After moving to Toronto in 1880, Howland sold the house to John McCallum, a wagon maker. The house was occupied over the next 80 years by several other well-known families and served as a bank branch for 15 years until 1976.
The property is presently administered by the City of Vaughan, operating as a local museum and providing space to community groups. The two storey frame house has classical proportions that are seen through its window and doorway openings.
The main section of the house is covered with a truncated hipped roof and the summer kitchen has a gable roof with bellcast ends. These heritage features contribute to the value of the house. The Kline House was designated as a heritage property in 1982.

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