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Crystal Clean

About Crystal Clean

Crystal Clean is an upscale dry cleaner, offering services for a variety of clothing and household garments – everything from wedding gowns to draperies, rugs and duvets. “We can clean anything you can pick up and carry into the store,” Specializing in designer clothes and featuring on-premise alterations, Crystal Clean promises that every item you bring in to them comes out perfect.

Each garment is checked prior to cleaning for stains and any custom repairs that may be needed. About 80% of repairs and touch-ups are made by hand, all touch-ups are done on-site and each item goes inspections before being approved for the customer.

Crystal Clean knowledgeable staffs boasts over 10 years in the dry cleaning and garment-repair industry, which means customers can rest assured they are receiving quality garment care from experienced professionals. What’s more, Crystal Clean uses 100% environmentally friendly cleaning products – making it a rare eco-friendly option in an industry that’s often criticized for its environmental impact.

10480 Islington Avenue, Unit 2

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