Parking has been a major concern for the Village for nearly two decades. Now, due to due the need to replace the old water main, the City is proposing to re-do the Kleinburg streetscape.  In this more recent plan, the City plans to remove the boulevard parking completely, and replace it with bike lanes. Even through consultations with the City, the City proposed to add an additional public parking lot nearly 500 m from the business core – a distance that will kill business during the Village’s off-season. 

The fact is that our small business core will not survive with the City’s proposed plans, and without the core, we lose the last bit of Kleinburg’s essence. To put it simply, if the City gets its way, life in Kleinburg will change as we know it.

To curb this crisis and solve the situation altogether, the KBIA has three demands:

  1. The City protects the boulevard parking along Islington;
  2. The City develops the parking lot proposed by Treelawn Boulevard; and
  3. The City scraps the plans to add bike lanes in the Kleinburg Core.

If you would like to get involved, you can sign our petition here and see the minutes from our meeting with the City here.

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