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Thornton Design was founded in 1999 by its passionate owner Laura Thornton. Laura began her business as a side hustle, doing small part-time projects while working full time in the commercial design world.

Laura’s journey to becoming an interior designer stemmed from her childhood, where she recalls her agonizing piano lessons with her two sisters every Saturday morning. It was there she discovered Architectural Digest publications because her piano teachers father was an architect and had an inspiring library. Although Laura dreaded her own weekly piano lesson, she became absorbed with the two-hour waits during her sister’s lessons, with his library of magazines. She soaked up the interiors, stunning architecture and the glossy ads every week, looking forward to the arrival of the next issue. This was the foundation for Laura’s love for Architectural and Interior Design.

This heartwarming story became poignantly extra special 30 years later for Laura when she was hired to work on that same house where the piano lessons took place, but more importantly, her spark for Interior Design was ignited.

Laura’s natural interest was also fueled by her upbringing. Laura’s father was a custom home builder who would always have a crew working on our latest home while her mother picked the finishes, after which they would sell and move onto the next house. The smell of sawdust and paint were home to Laura and it was inevitable that this would influence the future love for construction building and creation of beautiful spaces.

Laura went to University to study law and political science but quickly knew her heart and skill set was destined to be in Interior Design, where she ended up within her post-secondary schooling. She has established wonderful relationships with her clients, family, and friends, and loves offering her insights to inspire residential and commercial spaces.

110 Nashville Road, Suite 300


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