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InTouch Mortgage Solutions is a newly created brand with deep roots in the mortgage industry. Our founder and principal broker, Enza Venuto, is a seasoned mortgage professional with over 45 years of experience in the financial industry. Enza is an award-winning broker and a proven leader in her field, having brokered over $2.1 billion in funded mortgages to date. Prior to launching InTouch Mortgage Solutions, Enza was Principal Broker of CENTUM Streetwise Mortgages, and owner of CENTUM Finding The Right Mortgage. Prior to owning her own mortgage business, Enza worked in banking where she developed much of her extensive knowledge of finance.

We are truly passionate about helping people get the financing they need to achieve their goals! It all starts with knowing our clients… being InTouch with their needs, what’s important to them, their current situations and challenges, required financing, and long-term goals. Based on our client assessment and strong relationship with multiple lenders, we position the deal and shop the market for the best possible mortgage type, terms, and rate. We then provide clients with sound lending advice that is personalized to each client’s situation and a strategy that achieves their financial goals.

The relationship we build with our clients extends long after their mortgage is funded as we remain accessible to answer any questions during the term of their mortgage and beyond for portfolio management or future needs. Through our commitment to providing exceptional customer service, we strive to become a long-term trusted advisor for all our clients’ financing needs.

We take good care of our clients, keep them informed of any market changes, remind them of any upcoming renewals, and we perform an annual check up of their mortgage or portfolio to assess if there are better options available, where the client would save significant money by refinancing early.

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