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Burke & Company Ltd.

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To provide personalized quality consulting in a cost-effective manner.


We initially critique the existing benefit and pension plan designs in terms of coverage, cost, investment results, and administration. This enables our firm to gain a clear understanding of the company’s management of their pension and benefits, and allows us to identify areas that may need to be addressed. We then develop forecasts and establish budgets while creating a benefits strategy.


Our consultants have many years experience in group benefits, retirement income plans, employee communication, underwriting, human resource systems, and financial accounting.


Our clients range from small to large and are among Canada’s top employers. We service industries ranging from manufacturing companies and health care institutions to professionals and not-for-profit organizations, in both union and non-union environments.


Our marketplace consists of all of the group retirement providers, and life and health insurance companies. We are proud of the industry relationships we have developed, and are diligent in maintaining them through professional and consistent practices.

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