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The Toronto Sun Features Kleinburg as a Place To Live!

Read the whole article here: http://torontosun.com/life/homes/new-homes-and-condos/places-to-live-kleinburg

“People are very much getting back to what matters. Food matters, cooking matters, hospitality matters, people matter. I’m convinced people are looking for the intangible value of culture and heritage that we have lost building homogenous cities and subdivisions, and hard roads in between.”
– Mrs. Harper
Business Owner, Kleinburg Village.


What is the Kleinburg BIA?

The Kleinburg BIA was established in 1984 by local business and property owners and the City of Vaughan. The current Kleinburg BIA is comprised of about 75 local businesses and 25 commercial property owners in the Kleinburg Mainstreet and Commercial Core area and remains the only village BIA in the City of Vaughan. The Kleinburg BIA holds monthly meetings for its members at the Kline House and is administered by an Executive Board and several committees. All Executive positions are elected annually and are on a volunteer basis. The BIA is a city-recognized organization and is audited by the City of Vaughan Finance Department annually.
The BIA Budget is approved by its members on an annual basis and is approved by Vaughan Council. BIA fees paid by local businesses and commercial property owners pay for the BIA budget. The City of Vaughan collects BIA fees from the business owners through the commercial properties and realty taxes within the BIA area. The BIA budget includes costs for advertising, aesthetics, special events and this web site.

Kleinburg BIA Area

The Kleinburg BIA is established by the BIA bylaw, which is administered by the City of Vaughan through the BIA Executive Board. The BIA Area is defined in the bylaw and all commercially assessed properties and businesses within the BIA area are deemed to be members of the Kleinburg BIA. Commercial properties or businesses cannot opt out of the Kleinburg BIA. The area commences just north of the Kleinburg Public School and continues north just passed John Street and along Nashville Road from Islington Ave to Hwy 27.

Mission & Goals

The Kleinburg Mainstreet and Commercial area is a sophisticated, upscale community. With a mix of retail boutiques and services, cafés, galleries, restaurants and professional businesses providing personal care and attention to local residents and visitors to the Village of Kleinburg, the Village offers everything to meet the needs of the residents and visitors.
Kleinburg’s unique setting, village character and owner-operated businesses create a shopping and dining environment and experience unlike any other place in the City of Vaughan.
The Kleinburg BIA’s mission is to promote and sustain a strong and vibrant commercial district and unique village character. The BIA encourages local businesses and property owners to work together in promoting the Village of Kleinburg as a great place to live, work, dine, shop, explore and experience as a whole. The Kleinburg BIA encourages local residents to shop local and visitors to enjoy a unique shopping and dining experience through its advertising campaign, web site and local tourism initiatives.
The Kleinburg BIA also works hard to give back to the local community through its special annual events. Business and community volunteers work hard to bring a memorable experience to Kleinburg on Canada Day, during the Binder Twine Festival, and during Christmas in Kleinburg events – look for these special events listed in the Events section.
On behalf of all our BIA members, the BIA Chair Ms. Louise Zembal, and the BIA Executive Board, we sincerely wish you a memorable and enjoyable experience in our Village. We thank you for your patronage and hope to see you soon!

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