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We are thrilled to safely welcome patrons and visitors back to the Village of Kleinburg, adhering to strict government mandated COVID-19 safety protocols. The Village of Kleinburg is a community hub dedicated to arts and culture with a vibrant day and nightlife. Home to unique dining, the Village of Kleinburg has 13 restaurants and cafés eagerly awaiting your arrival to indulge in state-of-the-art food and drinks.  In addition to a renowned culinary experience, the Village of Kleinburg offers a variety of attractions for families and individuals of all ages. Attractions include the McMichael Art Gallery located on the North East side of Islington Avenue, with an adjoining trail to the Kortright Centre. Other attractions include the Humber River trail and Copper Creek Golf Club. The Village of Kleinburg has a variety of personal care, beauty, wellness, and spa services, open and ready to meets the needs of each visitor. A full list of personal care and spa services offered in the Village of Kleinburg in addition to unique health and safety measures in place to serve your needs can be found on the individual business websites. All websites are featured in the directory. If you are in search of a unique shopping experience visit some of the Village of Kleinberg’s boutiques which feature unique styles and top of the line brands for people of all ages including dedicated children’s boutiques and jewellery boutiques. Kleinburg misses U. This heritage community is ready to safely welcome you back with open arms! Stop by for a visit and enjoy all that Kleinburg has to offer. Use the hashtag #backtotheburg  #visitthevillage to have a chance to be featured on the official Village of Kleinburg Instagram (@kleinburg_village). We are looking froward to seeing you soon!

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