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Week 6

Six weeks are now in the rear view mirror of my time with the Kleinburg BIA. I’ve done a lot of work in these past weeks but this particular week was one of the more unique stretches of work for me, personally.

Like usual, I spent so much time outdoors this week but the work I did and the observations I made were incredible for me.

At the start of the week, I was doing much of the same work I ended off with the week prior – asset mapping. This meant going around town and marking down the location off all city owned property – fire hydrants, electrical boxes, bollards etc. – only to plot it later on a location map for easy viewing.

Last week, this task was not terribly difficult because the weather was, in my view, slightly more decent to operate in. I wasn’t moving swiftly last week but I did not have to take breaks nearly as often as I did this time around.

While I understand that I should take physical breaks as necessary considering how much I work outside, when I do get out there, I often forget to take breaks as I am working because I am so consumed by the task at hand – something that was never as evident as this last week.

I’d be outside walking around and plotting the city’s assets with a water bottle in hand, though I would only drink after I sat down for a breather, probably about 20 minutes after I should have drank it.

Even worse, I developed a tendency this week to leave my water in the Kline House when I stepped outside to do the asset mapping – a habit that left me even more parched than usual.

This developed even further as I started to pick up on my gardening and beautification responsibilities with the BIA. What this entailed was going around to different businesses around downtown Kleinburg and, with their permission, cleaning up their properties. Whether this involved pulling weeds or sweeping would depend on the particular business but I spent a great deal of this week beautifying the village.

Again, doing this in the weather that we experienced this week – coupled with my habit of forgetting to drink water while working – made this week a very hard one for me physically. Pulling weeds in particular was an immensely physical activity that took a great toll on my body. Having to bend down and repeat the same repetitive motion for hours at a time (because that’s honestly how long it took for me to clear some of the properties around here) took its toll on my back and my arms – often forcing me to stop gardening for the day. Admittedly, my commitment to the task often led to me forgetting to take breaks when I needed to do so and this certainly did not help the pain I was feeling, though I’m really proud of myself for doing so much physical work because it proves I am capable of doing so despite my physical disability.

While being outside so much this week, I observed a few pertinent things that I found very interesting about the area. Downtown Kleinburg is very low on garbage containers and the area also does not have any disposal system for cigarette butts. These deficiencies, I believe, are incredibly important to note because they may contribute to the lack of traffic around here. People are leaving cigarette butts everywhere and trash is being left on the roadside or in front of businesses, making the area very unappealing to travel through. While nothing can definitively prove whether these problems contribute to the larger issues in downtown Kleinburg, I thought that these were particularly interesting notes from this week that I should point out in my blog.

Overall, I have just one thing to say about this week: I hate the heat. Jokes aside though, the heat this week presented an incredible challenge but I still feel as though I got a great deal of work done. The weather might have been hard to deal with but I sincerely believe that, by working through it, I gained a new appreciation for the “less glamourous” tasks involved with this job – though I still had a great deal of fun this week, as I always do, in my position with the Kleinburg BIA.

Until next week,

Vimal Sivakumar


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