The Kleinburg BIA Board of Directors were struggling to find a way to keep our community and business owners optimistic and positive during this difficult time. The Positivity Project – Flowers of Hope was born out of the idea of “planting” words that would inspire our members and beautify and activate our downtown. There are 32 flowers “planted” in front of our businesses in town with inspiring messages – we hope you’ve seen them!
We had no idea that this project would be such a hit with the community! So much so that we have been repeatedly asked to see the flowers. So, here it is!
If you have questions, please contact the Kleinburg BIA at our email address:

Want One of Your Own?

Some people have asked if they can buy flowers of their own. If you’re interested, click the button below to learn more. We are excited to announce that a portion of the net proceeds will go to help the Vaughan Food Bank and another portion will help the BIA help our small businesses in town when their doors can re-open. Thank you!

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