Come join the Kleinburg Business Improvement Association’s First Movie Night in Kleinburg, supported by PSR Brokerage (Platinum Sponsor), Forest Hill Real Estate Collection(Gold Sponsor), Zancor (Gold Sponsor), and Local Cafe (Location Sponsor).

There are two main events:

Bao (Disney Short Film) starting at 8:45 pm

Big Hero Six (Disney Animated Full Length Feature) starting at 9:00 pm.

The screen is located behind 10489 Islington Avenue (Local Cafe).

There will be popcorn and pop for sale at the event.


Prior to the movie, there will be live music, and free face painting throughout the Village of Kleinburg, starting at 5 pm until 8 pm.


NOTE: The Kleinburg Business Improvement Association will NOT be providing blankets or lawn chairs of any kind for the event. If you wish to use one, please bring your own for the event.


While this is a free event, there is limited space. Please ensure you register HERE well in advance to secure your spot!

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